What is a golf scramble?

Posted on 12 Aug 2015

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The best thing about golf scrambles is that they’re FUN!  A golf scramble is a golf format that usually involves teams consisting 4-players.  Each team normally consists of an “A” player (lowest handicap), a “B” player, “C” player, and a “D” player (highest handicap).  However, in many events it is usually 4 friends out to have a good time regardless of your golf skills.  They are great for charity events, fundraisers, corporate outings or any event that involves many golfers.

A scramble starts with each player teeing off from whichever hole they are assigned.   After teeing off,  the team will choose the best drive and the other 3 balls will be picked up and placed within one club length of that ball. Each player will then hit their second shot from that spot. Play continues like this until the hole is completed. Teams continue this format for all 18 holes.