It's Economical

Most websites charge hundreds of dollars just to put your event on their site...NOT GOLF SCRAMBLE GURUS.   We want to help your charity raise money, not take it out of your pocket before your event is even off the ground.  Let us help "SPREAD THE WORD" for you!

It's Easy

Plain and simple, it's the perfect platform to attract more golfers to your next golf scramble....and we all know that the more golfers who sign up for your event THE MORE MONEY YOU WILL RAISE! Most of us don’t have time to search the internet looking for upcoming golf scrambles. Now, Golf Scramble Gurus is the only website golfers need to visit to find golf scrambles in their local area and across the U.S.

It's Fast

10-15 MINUTES! That's how long it will take you to have your event up and running on Golf Scramble Gurus.  Simply, enter your golf scramble information on our (SUPER EASY) "ADD EVENT" page and your event will be added to our golf directory within 24 hrs. Instantly, your event  will be displayed on your very own, uniquely designed webpage.  Complete with details about your golf scramble,  registration, charity, and course links, sponsors,  and much more.

It's Convenient

CONVENIENCE IS THE KEY!  Now golfers have the option to sign up themselves or their entire foursome for your event.  The days of mailing checks and registration forms are long gone.  Golf Scramble Gurus also offers golfers a direct link to Facebook and Twitter easily enabling them to share your event with friends.  Golfers are now only one click away from the perfect day of golf.   ONE SITE...ALL YOUR GOLF NEEDS!

Simply put, we're the experts!

Golf Scramble Gurus is actively involved in recruiting new members and passionately committed to keeping our current members up to date through customized emails and social media. When you list your golf scramble on our website, all members of the Golf Scramble Guru community local to your golf event will receive an email alert. This is a very important step in IMMEDIATELY ADVERTISING YOUR GOLF SCRAMBLE TO INTERESTED GOLFERS IN THE SURROUNDING COMMUNITY!

List Your Golf Scramble Now!