Simply put, I love the game of golf and play as much as I can.  With a wife, two daughters and a full time job as an elementary school PE teacher, weekends seemed to be the only time I could sneak away for a few hours.  I am by no means ready for the PGA, not even the amateurs, but there is nothing like getting out on the course on a sunny day with a group of buddies knowing that no matter how you shoot it’s going to be a great day, especially when you are helping others raise money for a good cause.  Surprisingly, I always seemed to have a hard time finding a golf scramble to play in.  Ocassionally hearing about them through a friend, seeing a flyer at a golf course, or by spending way too much time browsing on the internet only to find that the date had already passed.

I also organize the annual golf scramble for my elementary school and have helped a number of friends over the years with their golf scrambles.  Usually asking me if I knew anyone that would be interested in playing in a charity scramble they were organizing. Having lived in Tampa for 14 years I have quite a collection of buddies that enjoy playing golf, so it made sense.  It also made me realize the hard work and commitment that goes into organizing and promoting this type of event, finding golfers, and ultimately, raising money for many amazing charities.  I couldn’t help but think there has to be more efficient way to accomplish these goals.

And then the lightbulb went off…. why not create a single platform where anyone who is organizing or looking to play in a golf scramble can benefit.  So, with my wife and daughters on board, in the fall of 2014 Golf Scramble Gurus was born.  We love the game of golf.  We believe in helping others.  We look forward to helping you.  And we can’t wait to spread some…..good.golf.karma!

Happy Golfing,

Keith, Lauren, Mackenzie, Cameron and Bogey